Mercedes-Benz "Blowfish" by Antoni

Mercedes-Benz showcases its safety features through the dramatic tale of a boy and a fish.

The ad begins as a boy enters a dimly-lit room, the centrepiece of which is a fish tank. Following a fairly meek interaction with a goldfish, the boy reaches into the tank like that girl with the braces from Finding Nemo in an attempt to get closer to his newfound fish friend.

However, the fish is protected by his blowfish friends, who inflate to ward off the entitled child, highlighting the need to protect your loved ones (even if you are a fish).

The work was created by Teresa Guggenberger and Malte Bülskämper, art directed by Lucas Schneider, Matthias Bauer and Christoph Kock, and directed by Pantera through Bwgtbld Gmbh.


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Executive creative directors