Mercedes and Samsung get Kiefer Sutherland-treatment for 24 ad break

Procter & Gamble, Mercedes and Samsung are among the brands taking part in a special '24'-themed ad break timed to coincide with the final episode of the latest series this evening.


The ad break will air at 9.10pm on Sky1. Sky has licensed the '24' clock, which counts down the 24 hours of a single day through each series, as well as sound effects from Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products for the break.

Alongside P&G, Mercedes and Samsung, there will be ads from Fox Home Entertainment and Go Pro as well as a 24-style promo for the Sky1 show 'A League of Their Own'. MMMulitply re-cut the ads in the 24 format.

John Litster, the managing director at Sky Media, said: "The finale of '24: Live Another Day' has given us a fantastic opportunity to create a bespoke, creative and exciting ad break for Sky customers.

"Taking our inspiration from the series, we wanted to give Sky 1 HD viewers the opportunity to enjoy adverts for familiar, household-name brands in a distinctive 24 style. We look forward to seeing the reaction from fans of the show."

Sky previously created a themed break, featuring ads from the 1960s, for the launch of the fifth series of 'Mad Men' on Sky Atlantic in 2012.

A spokesman for Sky was unable to provide the video of the ads as it only has the rights for the TV broadcast.