Meribel Ad Festival: Intro

This year we are celebrating the Meribel Ad Festival's seventh birthday. With good cause we can say the Festival has reached the age of reason.

To start with, the age of reason is a time where we can benefit from the first things we learned, those which gave us our first successes.

In this case, success is due to the fact that Meribel comes at the end of the creative year, and each year gives an accurate idea of the campaigns that will win most of the big international prizes.

Also, the Festival is a place for meetings and exchanges between the principal networks in the communication world and the big international advertisers; this is through the mixed juries - which guarantee decisions that are original and rewarding, the Cristal-Lab and the presentation of "best practices". The magnificent setting of the Meribel ski resort favours professional contacts in a uniquely convivial atmosphere.

Next, the age of reason is an age of growth. This year, 950 delegates are expected. The opening up of Meribel to Europe should be spectacular. As you will see in the following pages, some big European names from the advertising and communication world will be at Meribel, to preside over the juries or to hold Magister Conferences in the Cristal-Lab. The real vocation of Meribel is taking shape this year, to become the pan-European summit meeting for communication.

Lastly, the age of reason is also an age where we discover new things, where we understand what we want to be. For this reason, we have decided that this year Meribel will be the Festival for innovation, the Festival where you can come and feel the wind of change that is blowing through the communication professions: new media, integration, renewed models, non-traditional communication ... You will find this theme during the Cristal-Lab conferences, debates and workshops, and also through the works which win the competition prizes.

In short, "Come and have a breath of fresh air in Meribel!"

- After spending ten years in the food industry, Christian Cappe participated in the organisation of his first festival (American Cinema Festival in Deauville) as a public affairs consultant to the General Management of "Le Public Systeme". Three years later, in 1996, he decided to create 2C Associes, his own company that specialised in the organisation of festivals. Since then, he created many reputed festivals, including the TV Film Festival of Luchon (1999), the Music and Cinema Festival (2000) and the European Corporate Responsibility Festival (2007). The Meribel Ad Festival, which was created in 2001, is his most successful festival. Growing every year, its concept (mixed juries/agencies/clients, conviviality of a ski resort) has been duplicated within the Middle East and Central Europe regions.