Meribel Ad Festival: Production Cristal

I was always surprised about the great commercials working. We embraced them in our industry, but I'm not sure how Stella Artois or Levi's worked outside of our world.

We were always very proud of that work, but a lot of the glamour was internal. It was all a little bit artificial, but today there's less of a bubble, there's less glamour associated with producing a Guinness or a Levi's. The impact of great work hasn't changed, but there's less glamour around it. It was fashionable and cool, especially in the UK, but it was too much; perhaps we were less artistic than we thought. The UK market has become more realistic.

What advertisers are asking for is also changing. They have come to understand the various media better and are demanding media-neutral ideas. They understand the difference between a viral, a short, a piece of content and a TV campaign, so they want ideas that can cross the disciplines. Clients want integrated ideas. The people able to produce media-neutral ideas are the ones who are going to win in the end.

The old model is changing; it's much broader. Recognising talent is becoming very difficult; it's there, but it's harder to identify. It's a jungle now that the possibilities of what can be produced have opened up and we're looking for so many different types of talent. They need to write, to strategise, to shoot very different formats ...

Things are changing. I'm questioning exclusivity. Maybe what will evolve is a system where people work on a project-by-project basis because today there are a series of one-offs. The projects vary so much that you might not need the same person for a two-year period.

We're in a transitional period, and I think we'll always be in transition. But that's not a bad thing, it's very exciting. We're not going to settle into just one model. There will be a world of hybrids - all mixed up, just like humans.

- Daniel Bergmann started his career in Prague, helping to discover new artists and promoting conceptual multimedia artwork. He moved to the US as an art dealer and fundraiser. There he also became involved in producing music videos and concerts, and produced a holocaust documentary, The Butterfly. He joined the Prague-based production company Stillking Productions and started representing directors around the world. Bergmann is currently the managing director of the London-based international production company Stink, where he's made it a company mission to find and nurture local and international talent. Stink represents an eclectic roster of directors from around the world and has expanded its services into the multimedia and internet spaces.


Entry deadline 26 October 2007. Production Cristal showcase 14 December 2007 in Meribel.