Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the 18:05 bulletin

It's our last bulletin of the year. 18:05 will return, a little plumper, on 4 January.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the 18:05 bulletin


Most read: ASA declares McDonald's cows ad not misleading

A McDonald's ad that aimed to show viewers the quality of the meat used in its burgers has avoided a ban by the Advertising Standards Authority, Campaign's Gurjit Degun writes.

One complainant questioned whether the claims in the ad by Leo Burnett were misleading and could be substantiated, but the ASA ruled that the ad was not misleading on the basis of the evidence supplied by McDonald’s and Clearcast.

The ASA issued two other rulings today, deciding that Mulberry's festive ad recreating the nativity scene with a handbag playing the role of Jesus was "unlikely to cause serious or widespread offence"; but they banned Nesquik from describing hot chocolate as a "great start to the day."

PG Tips Monkey

Latest ads: An alternative Queen's speech

There's been a trend in recent years for alternatives to the traditional Queen's speech at 3pm on Christmas Day. Some may say diverting attention from our reigning monarch is a treasonous act, but not as treasonous as a drunk drag queen monkey puppet. Disgraceful.

In other ad campaign news, Sky will use Kung Fu Panda 3 to kick off its broadband sale on Christmas Day, while Rightmove and Weight Watchers launch their new campaigns on Boxing Day.


Opinion: The threat of management consultancies

At the risk of sounding foreboding during this time of goodwill, iProspect's Damon Combrinck has sounded the alarm for ‎ agencies which face competition from new quarters. 

"It was only a matter of time," Combrinck writes, "before management consultants realised they were missing a trick and decided to upskill [...] taking a piece of the agency pie in the process."

We all need to adopt this ethos that sits at the heart of consultancies: an understanding that in a people-based business, whatever allows an organisation to communicate and work together more effectively and with greater speed is the key to growth. It is what has ensured the speed that consultancies have recognised that a deeper understanding of programmatic advertising is good for their clients, and as such, good for them. In response, agencies will need to broaden their horizons and adopt similar tactics, which means immersing ourselves in our client’s businesses, and bringing new skills and talent on board to meet their needs.

Read on for Combrinck's explanation for why this development affects media, creative and digital agencies alike.

A builder pole dancing

Year in review: Campaign's most read articles

There's nothing like the wisdom of crowds, especially when the crowd is of a high calibre, like readers of Campaign. Gurjit Degun has rounded up the top ten most read articles, and they are:

  1. Write now: The lost art of copywriting
  2. MoneySupermarket follows 'epic strut' with pole-dancing builder
  3. A view from Dave Trott: Content, content, content
  4. Rugby World Cup 2015 ads: the best so far
  5. Top ten radio ads
  6. Chris Moyles has his own Bittersweet Symphony in first TV ad for Radio X
  7. Acclaimed director Frank Budgen dies
  8. Tesco's new TV ads
  9. Christmas 2015 ads: the best so far
  10. 'Comedy Dave' Vitty joins Stripey Horse production company

The company that dare not speak its name

Quiz: The ultimate 2015 Marketing news quiz

Marketing's Alex Player and Shona Ghosh have surveyed a year of Twitter outrage, rugby losses, football wins and ad-blocking to create this testing quiz.


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