Michael Vaughan to appear in hair replacement ads

LONDON - Former England captain Michael Vaughan has become the latest follically-challenged cricketer to sign up for an advertising campaign with the Advanced Hair Studio.

AHS has a record of treating cricketers and using them in advertising campaigns. Both Australia's Shane Warne and England's Graham Gooch have had their revamped pates featured in the company's ads.

The hair studio said Vaughan had received its Strand-by-Strand procedure, which it describes as a "cosmetic process involving the application of a non-surgical graft of synthesised second skin to the thinning areas to which hair is inserted".

Speaking about the decision to bring in Vaughan, AHS chairman, Carl Howell said: "The main reason we can bring in all these great ambassadors is because our programmes do the job."

However AHS recently found itself under fire from the Advertising Standards Authority over its ads featuring Warne. The ASA branded the campaign, which was also for the Strand-by-Strand procedure, as misleading because it implied it could stop hair loss and cause it to regrow.

Speaking about the forthcoming South Africa vs England Test series and his treatment Vaughan said: "There were certainly times captaining England when I was tearing my hair out. The game takes its toll.

"I'd wanted to address my hair loss for quite a while and I'm looking forward to showing the new thatch to the lads when I get to South Africa. There's certainly a few in the current side that could benefit from similar treatment."

Michael Vaughan models for Advanced Hair Studio