Microsoft teams up with Interpublic to 're-invent' media planning

LONDON - Microsoft has developed a new piece of software that promises to "re-invent the way media is planned, purchased, measured, reported and optimised".

The Media Operations Management System (Moms) has been developed by Interpublic's Mediabrands along with Microsoft Advertising, one of its clients.

They have spent six months developing the system, which aims to improve the value derived from media spend.

Microsoft now plans to put its software to the test and will use Moms across its marketing programmes, initially in the US and then globally.

Moms will also be accessible by Mediabrand's agencies, including Initiative and Universal McCann, and their clients. It works across different media and operates in real time.

Quentin George, chief digital officer at Mediabrands, said: "Advertisers deserve greater levels of transparency, efficiency and accountability across their media campaigns to ensure advertising dollars deliver a greater return and that the effectiveness of their strategy is maximised."

George's jargon-heavy statement also featured the phrases "innovation", "unique perspectives" and "fixate on value-add creative".

Scott Howe, corporate vice-president of the Advertiser & Publisher Solutions Group at Microsoft, said: "Across all media types, the campaign workflow needs to be standardised and further enabled by data-driven and technology-based solutions.

"Mediabrands' Moms is a streamlined and automated enterprise-level system that better facilitates the end-to-end campaign lifecycle and allows agencies to deliver greater results for their clients."