Mikado distracts the unlucky in BETC campaign

BETC Euro RSCG has created three ads for Kraft's chocolate biscuit brand Mikado, showing the product distracting people with unfortunate consequences.

The 30-second ads are set to run in the UK later this year, with Starcom handling media, and went on air in France this week. They will also run in other European countries including Germany, Italy and Spain. 

Each ad shows a character accidentally volunteering for something when they pull one of the chocolate-covered sticks out of a packet and hold it up.

Creatives working on the campaign included copywriter Valerie Chidlovsky, assistant art director Gregory Ferembach, artistic director Agnes Cavard, creative director Marie-Laure Billette, and global creative director Stephane Xiberras.

The ads were directed by Neil Harris and produced by Quad/Wizz.