Miles Calcraft keeps it simple in first Princess Cruises print task

Miles Calcraft Briginshaw Duffy this week launches its first work

for Princess Cruises, the US arm of P&O Cruises.

The £500,000 print campaign will run in the travel sections of the

Sunday newspapers over the next three months.

The work consists of three executions, each showing the different views

from a Princess cruise boat, and uses simple illustrations to show

scenes that can be experienced while travelling in Venice, Alaska and

the Caribbean.

The text for the Caribbean execution reads: "There are 578 things to do

on a Princess cruise. 579 if you include nothing." It runs with an

illustration of a woman lying back on a sun lounger.

Although the number of cruise holidays taken by UK travellers rises by

15 per cent per year, the sector still only accounts for a tiny

proportion of the travelling population. In 2000, only 750,000

travellers opted for a cruise, yet 14 million went on holiday.

Melissa Horn, the account director on the business, said: "It's about a

state of mind rather than age, and this is for people who are

adventurous, open-minded, and like to have a choice of how much (or

little) they do on holiday."

The campaign was written by Jason Fretwell and art directed by Greg


Media planning and buying is through Starcom Motive.