MindShare appoints Euro chief executive

MindShare has created the new role of chief executive in Europe and appointed its head of Italy to fill the post.

Giulio Malegori, MindShare's chief executive in Italy, has been selected to spearhead growth across MindShare Europe's 25 markets.

Malegori's promotion follows the recent elevation of Dominic Proctor from chief operating officer to global chief executive. Proctor was previously responsible for growing the network in markets outside the United States, including Europe but, now he has a global role, MindShare felt the need for a dedicated head in Europe.

MindShare has handed Malegori the remit of working closely with local leaders to grow the business across Europe. He will split his time between Milan and London, the location of MindShare's global headquarters.

Malegori, who launched MindShare in Italy having previously worked for CIA, will remain in charge of Italy as chairman, but Roberto Binaghi has been promoted to the role of chief executive in Italy to oversee its day-to-day running.

Proctor said: "Giulio has built a wonderful business in Italy where it is the brand leader and he has the absolute, total respect of the chief executives in Europe."