Minerva carries on authenticity theme for Jeep print work

DaimlerChysler is reaffirming the authentic credentials of its Jeep brand in new advertising intended to maintain sales in what has become a highly competitive UK market for off-road vehicles.

Minerva, the car-maker's UK agency, has produced the latest print campaign, which will break nationally on Friday as part of a £4 million initiative to support the Jeep marque this year under the theme: "Jeep rules apply."

By emphasising Jeep's heritage as the original and authentic vehicle in its category, DaimlerChrysler hopes to fend off the increasing threat of rival products from Porsche, BMW, Volkswagen and Volvo.

The campaign, which also includes PR, internet and dealer activity, supplements the US-sourced "swampland" spot for Jeep. Media planning and buying is by BJK&E.

One execution features a Jeep parked atop a sand dune as a couple run naked into the sea. It carries the caption: "It's not streaking if there's no-one else there to see it."

The ads were produced by John Scully, Minerva's creative director, along with Julian Scott and Justin Roger. The photographer was Georg Fischer.

Scully said: "Research told us new things about the car but we also learned very interesting things about Jeep drivers - that they're a unique bunch and share the Jeep's can-do, up-for-it spirit."