Mini Cheddar poster campaign plays on uncertainties of life

United Biscuits is putting fresh impetus behind Mini Cheddars with new advertising that positions the snack as something dependable in an uncertain world.

Publicis produced the six-sheet poster initiative, which breaks nationally on Monday.

The ads are a follow-up to last year's "fills a hole" work and aim to increase sales among existing consumers.

Starcom Motive handles media planning and buying for the campaign, which presents Mini Cheddars as a sure bet against life's ambiguities.

The dependability theme is expressed in a number of tongue-in-cheek executions.

One ad features pictures of nuns but asks whether they are sisters or strippers. Another shows people slipping over but questions whether they might be "sloshed".

All the posters carry the line: "You know where you are with Mini Cheddars."

The advertising comes nine months after the addition of two Mini Cheddar flavour variants, Totally Cheesy and Wow!ster Sauce, to the Mini Cheddars Crinkly range and, more recently, the Cheesy Beans flavour.

The ads were written and art directed by Roger Rex and Roger Sealy. The photographer was Mike Carsley.