Mini launches Clubman with online documentary series

Mini is releasing a series of online films about people who go with their gut feelings, to promote the launch of its Clubman model.

Mini: rolls out Clubman activity
Mini: rolls out Clubman activity

Crispin Porter & Bogusky London created the campaign, which is called 'The Cultural'. The first film is called "this way is my way" and is about a New York tattoo artist called Scott Campbell, who talks about the philosophy behind his art.

No Minis are featured in the spot although at the end, a message flashes on screen telling viewers that the film was presented by the new Mini Clubman, followed by the strap line "go with your gut".

The idea behind the campaign is explained on Mini’s website, where the company urges people in the market for a car to look past the Clubman’s spec sheet and instead listen to their gut.

The campaign is Crispin Porter & Bogusky London’s first since being appointed by Mini in October 2014 to help launch the Clubman.

CP&B's appointment lasts only the duration of the launch campaign. Mini, owned by BMW, does not retain a global creative agency.

CP&B is also global creative agency for Infinity, the car marque owned by Nissan.

The new film was directed by André Saraiva through Iconoclast.