Mini offers readers choice of endings to adventure tale

WCRS is looking to keep the ongoing Mini adventure theme fresh by taking the brand into the realm of multiple-ending adventure books.

A press campaign, which breaks across national titles on 17 March, consists of two executions, with each spot offering the reader the opportunity to choose their Mini adventure from two possible outcomes.

The ads extend over three pages, spread throughout each publication.

The first ad introduces the adventure and gives the reader two options of what to do next. Each option has a page number next to it.

Having made their selection, the reader then turns to one of the two pages, to find out the end of their Mini adventure.

In "time machine" a couple in their Mini comes across a "time-wormhole-thing". The reader is given the chance to "bang on the sat-nav" and check it out, or ignore the whole thing.

Those that choose to enter the wormhole find the Mini couple transported to a Victorian setting 200 years earlier.

Readers that opt to ignore the wormhole turn to a page that shows the couple have been sucked into a vortex, and are now drifting at random, some time in the future.

Media planning was handled by WCRS, with buying by BBJ. The ads will run in national titles including Time Out, ES magazine, Elle, Cosmopolitan and Esquire.

The ads were written by Pav Themistocleous and art directed by James Grubb.

"This campaign is a continuation of the overall communications strategy. Mini is a brand that likes to buck convention and lead the way and the ads reflect that," Rachel Etherington, WCRS's account director on Mini, said.