Mini posters use exhibitionist theme

A Mini hurtling through the air next to a group of skydivers features in a poster campaign by WCRS to promote the wide range of personalised features buyers can select to add to a standard Mini.

The nationwide campaign, which uses the line "look at my Mini", will run across 48-sheet posters and giant banners to show the extreme lengths to which Mini owners will go to show off their personalised cars.

The manufacturer regards the car's potential for customisation as one of the brand's greatest strengths.

Mini offers optional accessories for buyers including striped bonnets and coloured-roof options. WCRS has created four executions: "skydiver", "climber", "picnic" and "pool". They will appear in three phases beginning on 16 June and running until the end of November.

In each creative execution, a proud Mini driver is shown in unusual situations yelling "Look at my Mini" and pointing vigorously at the various accessories that have been added to the car.

"This is a different approach from the 'Mini adventure' theme of the launch campaign, but it is still short, quick communication that gets across the brand idea of Mini," Jonathan Hills, the group account director on Mini at WCRS, said.

In support of the main campaign, WCRS is also running two promotional stunts, called "bus" and "trailer". In "bus", a personalised Mini will be attached to the top of a bus with a huge "look at my Mini" sign that will travel around the UK. "Trailer" will see four customised Minis tow 48-sheet ad trailers around the country. The ad trailers bear the strapline in giant silver lettering.

The ads were art directed by Jane Briers and written by David Cornmell.

Planning was handled by WCRS with media buying by BBJ.