Mitchell Patterson launches quick-response ad division

Mitchell Patterson Grime Mitchell is launching a new unit

specialising in fast turnaround advertising assignments and has signed

up Texas Instruments as its first client.

The new venture, called Missile, will handle no more than five projects

at a time and will ensure none lasts more than six months.

Agreements will include bonus and penalty clauses to deliver what the

agency says will be fast, but high-quality and cost-effective


Missile's work for Texas involves promotion of the company's hi-tech

teaching aids for schools and colleges.

Missile will offer an integrated service, answering what Mitchell

Patterson believes is a growing need from some clients for an offering

that plugs the gap between agencies and consultancies.

Steve Grime, the agency's creative partner, said: "We've seen many

prospective clients recently who have found their brands in transition,

who have needed to make an immediate impact or, because of change,

needed to give their competitors a short sharp shock."

Clients of Missile will have direct access to creatives and be able to

tap into Interpartners, the 24-strong European network of which Mitchell

Patterson is a member.

Andrew Mitchell, the agency's managing partner, said: "Sometimes clients

don't need a formal relationship with an agency. Either their current

agency is too busy or cumbersome for fast-response, for example, or

their normal needs are accommodated elsewhere."