How to mix with stars and still get noticed: a masterclass for brands

A Hollywood producer meets experts from Discovery Networks, Havas Media and BEN to talk the evolution - and future - of brands' involvement with entertainment in three #BENtalks films from Campaign and Branded Entertainment Network

Since Jules Verne gave shout outs to real shipping and transport companies in his 1873 novel, Around the world in 80 days, branded integrations have come a long way. Today, with the myriad disruptions to traditional ad models, there's fresh impetus behind brand integration as companies search for more authentic and surefire ways to connect with audiences.

Campaign brought together thought leaders in advertising and content during Cannes Lions 2016 to discuss new opportunities for brand integration. What's new and where are we headed?

#1  Brands on film: how product placement has come of age

#2  Smart money: a pivot point for product placement

#3  Smash or flop: can brands be a natural fit in the movies? 


Each expert was given 60 seconds to answer one question

Brands and the box office
Suicide Squad and Batman v. Superman producer Charles Roven on how brands can help make a movie bigger 

Product placement meets science
Caressa Douglas, VP brand integration at BEN, talks the evolution of product placement  

Traditional ad models are dead - so what now?
Damien Marchi, global head of content, Havas, on how brands can build more meaningful relationships with consumers 

The sky is brands' only limit
Jocelyn Egan, SVP Discovery Solutions, Global, Discovery Networks talks new opportunities for branded content