Mobile users set to preview Levi's TV ad

Levi's is making a further push into mobile marketing, using WAP for the first time as part of the launch of its spring 501 campaign.

Mobile users will be able to preview the new Levi's television spot on their mobiles from 7 February, a week before the ad's official launch on 14 February.

From 11 February, users can view the full television ad via a WAP website, which has been created by Lateral. The site will also offer exclusive mobile content in support of the overall campaign, including the Film of the Film and other downloads.

"We want to move Levi's further into the mobile content arena, using mobile as a pull medium," Helene Venge, the head of digital marketing at Levi's Europe, said.

"The approach is to offer the target audience downloadable content that they can send to each other, or applications that enable their own creativity. A WAP site is a complementary communications channel and we will be looking to evolve our use of WAP over the year."