Monetise chosen to manage's ad sales

LONDON - Top social media application developer Slide, which is behind widgets for sites including Facebook, MySpace and Bebo, has appointed digital media company Monetise to exclusively manage its ad sales.

Monetise has also been tasked with assisting in the development, expansion and commercialisation of Slide's UK operation.

Slide, which launched in 2005 by PayPal co-founder Max Levchin, is the creator of some of Facebook's biggest applications such as FunWall, SuperPoke! and Top Friends.

Its applications have been installed over 85m times on Facebook making it one of the site's top developers.

As a result, Slide has now jumped into the UK's top ten most popular social media sites after reaching a unique audience of 3.35m users in January, according to Nielsen Online.

Edward Thomas, head of business development at Monetise, said: "From a media perspective, Slide offers incredible scope for advertisers to leverage social media like never before."

This year, Monetise has also formed ad sales partnerships with TVGuide, the UK's largest Interactive Programming Guide and WAYN, the online travel community.