Moneysupermarket spoofs Starsky and Hutch

Price comparison website rewinds to the 70s in its latest ad, which pays homage to classic cult TV show 'Starsky and Hutch'.

The 30-second ad, created by Dare, will air tomorrow. A 10-second version will follow.

The ad features 'Starsky and Hutch' star David Soul at a car boot sale, selling records to raise the insurance premium for his Gran Torino, the show's legendary red and white car.

Donning a 70s Starsky-style cardigan, campaign front man Omid Djalili arrives to tell Soul he can save money on his insurance at Moneysupermarket. He then rolls dramatically over the car's bonnet and links fists with Soul in a classic 'Starsky and Hutch' freeze frame.

David Osborne, marketing director, said: "'Starsky and Hutch' is one of the most iconic TV programmes of the late 20th century and the Gran Torino is perhaps the most famous TV car ever.

"Everyone remembers the thrill of watching Hutch in action, tearing around in the streets in the famous red car, so we're thrilled to bring it back to UK TV screens as part of our latest campaign for motor insurance."

Last month the comparison site called a review of its £25m advertising account.