Monkey mimics Meg Ryan in latest PG Tips ad

LONDON - Johnny Vegas and Monkey recreate the famous "fake orgasm" scene from 'When Harry Met Sally', in the latest spot for PG Tips.

Created by Mother, the new ad sees Monkey get overexcited about his cup of PG Tips, when Vegas asks him to try and describe the taste of the tea.

Sitting in a cafe similar to the one in the scene from 'When Harry Met Sally', Monkey repeatedly shouts "Oh yes!", turning heads in the restaurant and prompting a woman on the next table to tell the waitress: "I'll have what he's having".

The spot ends by asking the British public to see whether they can find a way of best describing the taste of tea.

The 40-second TV spot breaks tonight (2 February), with shorter versions of the ad also being launched later in the month.