Monkey stars in new TV ads for ITV Digital and primate website

ITV Digital's knitted Monkey and his couch potato companion Al are

back in further national television ads for the broadcaster.

The new campaign, from Mother, aims to show that ITV Digital can be

taken by the viewer and plugged into the nearest aerial socket for

immediate viewing. It also explains that viewers can go online on their

television set via an ITV Digital box.

The first spot features Al out and about in his electric leatherette

armchair with the set-top box on his lap. Bored Monkey, unable to watch

ITV Digital, is left contemplating a crayon drawing, taped to the front

of his TV.

In the second ad, Al uses the online service to order himself some

crisps and Monkey surreptitiously logs on to to find

himself a girlfriend.

The spots will break this Friday, on the same day that the website also launches, with features such as "Primate of the

month". The site was designed and art directed by Mother and produced in

partnership with ITV Digital.

The campaign was written and art directed by Mother. It was directed by

Garth Jennings at Hammer & Tongs. Media planning and buying is through

Naked and PHD.

Stef Calcraft at Mother said: "Al and Monkey have made quite an impact

since we first introduced them to an unsuspecting world. The latest

installment sees them venturing out and about online with ITV Digital.

They also introduce us to Monkey dating online. Rather than spoil it,

you'll have to watch and see if Monkey is successful with the monkey