Morgan Stanley brings 6 million new pixels to Times Square

Financial firm worked with Bloomberg's internal creative agency to design content for three-story signs

Morgan Stanley brings 6 million new pixels to Times Square

At 9:30 this morning, Morgan Stanley flipped the switch on the massive new digital signs covering its Times Square headquarters at 1585 Broadway. The new signs, which started going up in April, measure three stories tall, contain 6 million LED pixels, can display 281 trillion colors and comprise 12,800 square feet of screen space.

Overall there are seven media canvases that can fully synchronize to operate as one digital display: two barrels, two panels and three tickers.

For the launch, the signs will be featuring first-run content from the firm’s Capital Creates Change campaign, which focuses on how the firm helps companies like Netflix and Alibaba "get the capital they need to make change." The signs will also feature insights from Morgan Stanley research and stories about community impact initiatives.

The signs are helping the firm get creative with providing financial information as well. Designs on the signs will appear to fill up with corn or oil while adjacent screens display the corresponding commodity prices.

The company worked with Bloomberg’s internal creative agency to create the original content.

"Morgan Stanley continues to expand its digital footprint and the ways in which we tell our story," said Michele Davis, global head of corporate affairs at Morgan Stanley, in a statement. "The content developed for the new signage brings to life Morgan Stanley’s insights and the impactful work we do helping clients around the globe mobilize capital to create change."