Morrisons "love it cheaper" by DLKW Lowe

The supermarket chain Morrisons has released a series of TV spots as part of the new "love it cheaper" campaign. DLKW Lowe created the light-hearted ads, which feature a husband pilfering his wife’s scone when she is out of the room and a dog hungrily eyeing his owner’s plate of sausages. They are supported by print executions, which feature the strapline "Hello, I’m your new cheaper Morrisons", and experiential activity. The TV work was created by Richard Prentice, David Adamson, Andy Leek and Jack Patrick, and directed by Peter King and Henry Littlechild through Outsider. Earlier this week, Morrisons apologised for projecting an image of a baguette across the wings of Antony Gormley’s Angel Of The North statue in Gateshead.