Mother and Carat to launch Gizmondo's answer to Nintendo

Mother and Carat have been appointed to launch a next-generation games console for Gizmondo Europe in the UK, which aims to rival the gaming giants Sony and Nintendo.

Gizmondo Europe, a subsidiary of the US-based operation Tiger Telematics, is unveiling a hand-held console, the Gizmondo.

Mother has been charged with developing a TV-led multimedia campaign, including outdoor, print and guerrilla activity. The campaign will break next month, backed by a budget of around £10 million.

The product, which retails at £229, features an MP3 music player, a video camera and a global positioning system.

It will target a core market of 15- to 30-year-old gamers or consumers who like clever gadgets.

Owners will be able to link up with other users around the world to play games and download music and videos.

The Mother partner Stef Calcraft said: "Gizmondo is a beast. You couldn't write a better brief."

Ogilvy & Mather in Scandinavia, which handles a portion of the business in Europe, is not affected by the appointment of Mother.

Carl Freer, Gizmondo's managing director, said: "We have created the most powerful player in the world and we want advertising as good."