Mother in diversity push with Campaign

Campaign has teamed up with Mother to create a campaign to highlight the importance of equality in the creative industries during Cannes Lions.

Mother in diversity push with Campaign

A digital outdoor ad – with space provided by Clear Channel – features the strapline: "Stop talking about equality and make it happen." It is running for the duration of the festival. 

The campaign also features action points on how to drive the diversity debate from talk to real change. Using the hashtag #CampaignforEquality, readers and festival-goers are invited to add their voice to the discussion.

Claire Beale, global editor-in-chief of Campaign, said: "We are thrilled to help the next generation of talent have their voices heard at Cannes this year and move the diversity debate from column inches to tangible change."

Earlier this month, Campaign launched the GoDaddy Scholarship for Women in Technology, which is sponsoring five female creatives in the tech sector to attend Cannes Lions.