Mother extends Super Noodles' gang theme

A stand-off in a minicab office sees the return of the Super Noodles gang in a national television spot by Mother to introduce Batchelors' new Salsa flavour.

The spot is part of a £3 million campaign designed to further build brand awareness for Batchelors and trial new flavours. The Salsa flavour was the result of Batchelors research which showed that consumers are looking for noodle flavours with a kick.

It continues the "You are what you eat" campaign introduced last year that saw Super Noodle and his cronies in a face-off with healthy foods such as Rocket and Salad.

Directed by Ringan Ledwidge, through Harry Nash, "minicab" features the Super Noodle gang Lager, Bacon, Kebab and the new recruit, Salsa Super Noodle, who this time find themselves in a face-off with slick City boys.

After a big night out, the Super Noodle gang is waiting in a minicab office until Lobster, Caviar, Oyster and Claret steam in, trying to hustle their way ahead in the queue. However, led by Salsa, the Super Noodle crew responds by firing a volley of Spaghetti Western-inspired looks, flooring their adversaries.

Media planning is through Naked, with buying through Zenith. Media will target housewives and children, and ads will run in programmes such as Coronation Street.

The TV spot will be supported by in-store activity continuing the Spaghetti Western theme by having mirrors with moustaches on.

Richard Kingsbury, Batchelors' marketing controller, said: "Batchelors is a no-nonsense food, and our research shows that consumers enjoy our down-to-earth, honest approach to promoting our brand."