Mother imitates car manuals for Q magazine posters

Mother is building on last year's TV work for Emap's Q brand with a

national poster campaign apeing car workshop manuals.

The tactical campaign is set to promote a Drive Time CD, and will aim to

encourage new users to the magazine, while building loyalty from its

existing readers.

It uses the form of traditional car manuals to combine the elements of

motoring, music and the Q brand. However, instead of using traditional

car marques, the posters take the form of workshop manuals for the "tour

bus", "limo" and "gig van" with respective vehicle commentary such as

"executive relief" on the limo, "communal condom" on the gig van, and

"bejewelled groin protector" on the tour bus.

Mother has already produced work for and QTV, and introduced

a music character, The Danster, who parodied the archetypal

guitar-loving music fan. The campaign won two silvers at this year's

D&AD Awards and the only Grand Prix at the Art Directors Club of


Stuart Williams, the marketing manager for Q, said: "After the success

of Mother's work on QTV using the Danster and for, we felt

it only right that they should have a crack at the purest form of the

brand, the magazine."

Andy Bellass of Mother added: "It's rare these days that you get a

tactical ad which does as much of a job for the brand. Tonally the ads

cut right to the heart of what the Q brand stands for, and yet they

clearly get across the message that Q is giving away a Drive Time


The campaign was written and art directed by Mother. Media planning and

buying is through Rocket.