Mother joins forces with Shane Meadows for Eurostar feature film

LONDON - Mother has produced a feature film for Eurostar with Shane Meadows, the award-winning director of This Is England.

Somers Town...Mother produced film
Somers Town...Mother produced film

The film, entitled Somers Town, is named after an area in Kings Cross. It tells of the friendship between two teenagers, one of whom is the son of an immigrant working on the new Eurostar terminal.

Mother pitched the idea to Eurostar after it was eliminated from its £10 million pitch in 2006. The project was conceived as a series of short films, but evolved into a feature when Meadows agreed to direct.

The initial script was co-written by the Mother creatives Augusto Sola, Gustavo Sousa, Markus Bjurman and Ben Mooge. Meadows' collaborator, Paul Fraser was brought on to complete the work.