Mother set to relaunch Unilever spread brand

Mother is spearheading the relaunch of Unilever Bestfoods' I Can't Believe It's Not Butter spread with a national multimedia campaign set to launch next month.

The agency was awarded the business out of HHCL & Partners five months ago. The overhaul will include national TV, press, posters, promotions, a pack redesign and a tie-in with The Sun.

The first ads break on primetime TV on 3 March and spoof the classic concept of the taste test as a means of showcasing the brand's taste credentials.

Forming a series of five short commercials, each ad was shot in the US and shows the reactions of real-life characters who have taken part in a traditional taste test comparing butter with I Can't Believe It's Not Butter.

The 30-second launch execution, "unbelievable", includes some spoken reactions from the US characters. One woman is seen laughing and telling the unseen English tester to: "Get outta here!". "Laughing policeman" simply shows people's smiling reactions once they've been tested. A northern voice is heard assuring them it's not butter they've just eaten.

Mother's George Bryant said: "Americans are great at reacting and we wanted to contrast their reactions with this silly English normality."

Press and posters will appear later this year building on the campaign theme. The tie-up with The Sun will show topical pictures of people looking surprised by something appearing in the paper each day, together with the strapline: "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter!"

Bryant said the aim was to recapture the spirit of the brand's UK launch in 1991 when it was banned from TV. "We wanted to take the brand back to its newsy heritage and capitalise on news stories of the day. The idea is to own real reactions to particular events and deliver the endline."