The mothers of Mother on making bold parenting statements

From floating a giant inflatable breast above their office to forming a fake company called "The Pregnancy Pause," the creatives at Mother are not afraid to make bold statements about parenting.

At the Cannes Lions Festival, Campaign had a chance to sit down with Ana Balarin, executive creative director for Mother London, and Corinna Falusi, chief creative officer of Mother New York, to talk about the challenges of balancing motherhood with a career in advertising.

"When I had the kid, I obviously didn’t know what would happen to me," Falusi said. "I did not know how to deal with my work/life situation at all."

She recalled a time when she brought her then six-month-old son to an important work meeting because her nanny had called in sick. "I love my work and I love my kid and it was one of the hardest moments for me to try to figure how to do this, to combine two things I love."

For Balarin, separating work and home life is a bit more tricky. Hermeti Balarin is Ana’s creative partner at Mother, her life partner and the father of her child. "It was hard for him when I was out on maternity leave because he had to do more of the work," Balarin said, "and when I came back he was a bit protective of me." During last year’s festival Balarin judged the Lions while breastfeeding her infant son. 

"Do not feel guilty," Falusi advised. When it comes to work and parenting: "I think every single parent I know feels guilty because they can’t give maximum to both."