What motivates music lovers on Twitter?

What is #MusicTwitter, who makes up the vibrant music community and what are they seeking on Twitter? We have the answers...

Sources | 1. Jaywing, Join The Dots and Twitter, 'Flocks - Uncovering communities on Twitter', June 2019, UK 2. To conduct the research, Twitter partnered with data-science agency Jaywing (‎@jaywingsays) and insight agency Join the Dots (‎@WeJoinTheDots) to crunch and analyse the data based on follower graphs and Twitter bios. It combined this work with online diaries from each community, in-depth interviews, cultural analysis, and a quantitative survey (total n=1,500) to ensure the most robust results.

The analysis uncovered the unique roles that Twitter plays within each community and the reasons people engage with their communities. For brands, the research identified what they can do to make sure that when they get involved with these communities, they can be successful.