Moto ads aim to reverse opinions of motorway services

Fallon has revealed its first national press and radio campaign for

Moto, Granada's rebranded motorway service areas.

The £1 million campaign aims to position stopping at Moto as a

de-stressing experience. It will also aim to dispel the popular image of

motorway service stations as places where consumers are ripped off in a

cornered market.

The campaign, which comprises three press ads and five radio executions,

points to the fact that consumers need as much of a restorative break as

the family car. Each execution conveys the essence of a miserable

motorway journey from the point of view of the drivers on the road, and

features a gauge to represent how the driver is feeling on the


The campaign introduces the endline: "Moto. Essential maintenance for


Eva Ruzicka, an account director at Fallon, said: "Service stations were

set up in the 50s to stop tired motorists crashing by giving them

somewhere to stop and refresh themselves. Unfortunately, somewhere along

the way they became hell holes."

She added: "Our campaign will highlight that Moto is determined to do

what service stations were always intended to do - send people back on

the road feeling a little better than they did when they turned off


Fallon won the business in February this year. Moto is owned by The

Compass Group, which began rebranding the service areas with the Moto

logo a few weeks ago.

The campaign was written by Ed Edwards and art directed by Dave


The press was shot by John Offenbach. Media planning and buying is by

Unity and Feather Brooksbank.