Motorola to sponsor Galaxy's Top 100 anthems bank holiday show

LONDON - Motorola is running a three-week, cross-network promotional campaign on the Galaxy network of radio stations, culminating in the sponsorship of the stations' flagship bank holiday show, the Galaxy Top 100 Anthems.

From today, Motorola is running trails inviting listeners to vote for their favourite Galaxy songs of all time. Once compiled, these songs will form the network's bank holiday show, which will be transmitted on all four of Galaxy's radio stations.

Listeners will also be able to win a Motorola phone and cash prizes in an hourly competition, as well as download tracks to their mobile phone.

Richard Brinkman, the non-spot sales director at Galaxy owner Chrysalis Radio, said: "The mechanic of this promotion is perfectly placed to satisfy Galaxy listeners' need for instant accessibility to their favourite dance tracks and to demonstrate Motorola's commitment to mobile music. I'm certain the promotion will be a success for both Galaxy and Motorola."

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