MPs call for ban on alcohol ads in cinemas

More than 50 MPs have joined to demand a ban on alcohol ads in cinemas before films with a certificate below 18.

The Tory MP Mark Lancaster, who has tabled a Commons question on the issue, believes the loophole allows drinks companies to get around the curbs in the voluntary code on promoting their products to young people.

Growing fears about binge-drinking have led 54 MPs to sign a Commons motion calling for such a cinema ban.

Ministers will consider the proposal during a review of the impact of alcohol advertising, price and harm. They are suggesting that they would prefer to see the code tightened up rather than bring in legislation to impose a ban.

Margaret Hodge, the Culture Minister, said: "Advertising regulations must be based on best evidence. If new evidence emerges which clearly highlights problems in relation to consumer harm caused by alcohol advertising, then the regulators would need to take appropriate action."

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