MPs demand rules on doctored photos

MPs have demanded new rules on the use of "fake" images in ads and criticised the Advertising Standards Authority for allowing them.

Twenty-three MPs have signed a Commons motion criticising a press ad by the British Nuclear Group that suggested a former nuclear power station had been turned into a greenfield site with trees.

Colin Challen, the Labour chairman of the all-party Parliamentary group on climate change, had a complaint about the ad rejected by the Advertising Standards Authority and was furious to discover later that the body had approved it in advance. In a letter to the ASA chairman, Lord Borrie, he has called for new guidelines on "image manipulation". He said: "The public needs to know an image is a real photograph, and not some dishonest and misleading fake."

Challen urged the ASA to live up to the slogan it uses in its own campaign: "OK, so we're better at removing bad ads than making good ones."

He said: "On the evidence of the BNG case, the ASA is no better at removing bad ads than it is capable of giving full and honest answers when members of the public, including this MP, raise proper matters of public concern."