Mr President launches content arm with leaner agency model

Vice President is being led by partner and executive creative director Jon Gledstone.

Vice President: Gledstone is leading it
Vice President: Gledstone is leading it

Independent creative agency Mr President has launched a content studio that aims to work with clients that are not looking for a full-service offering as they cut back on spend during the downturn.

Vice President, which is being led by partner and executive creative director Jon Gledstone, brings together a collective of creatives, designers, animators, directors and producers.

Nick Emmel, partner and chief strategy officer at Mr President, said: "Clients are having to adapt. With reduced internal headcount and new realities for their business, a lot of content creation needs are not being met.

"And whereas they woul love Mr P to pick up the slack – our full-service offering is more than they really need. So, in the spirit of not letting anything get in the way of a great idea, we've created a streamlined offering to complement the magic we already do."

Gledstone explained that he will pull together a bespoke team from the collective depending on client needs.

Matthew Parkes, brand and creative director at BetVictor, said: "We have a great relationship with Mr P, who have produced our best and most effective TVCs, radio ads and OOH to date.

"With a number of high-profile sponsorships and brand ambassadors across various sports, we were looking for a content creation partner who could engage our customers with relevant and entertaining content that is consistent with our brand campaigns.

"With Mr VP, we get the best of both worlds. As well as access to the strategic and creative firepower of Mr P, they operate a leaner and more efficient production model designed to get great content out quickly and cheaper than a traditional ad agency."