MRM hands senior creative position to ex-Mustard director

Ed Prichard, the former creative director at Mustard, is joining

McCann Relationship Marketing as its new creative director.

Trevor Pettit, the existing MRM creative director, is moving to the new

role of executive creative director. MRM has also hired Piggy Lines as

head of art.

Prichard, a copywriter, will work alongside Lines and run the creative

department on a day-to-day basis.

He was the most recent of several senior directors to leave Mustard

after a restructuring process.

Before Mustard, Prichard worked at several agencies including

Yellowhammer and IMP. He has also worked previously with Lines at

Stretch the Horizon, which was merged into Mustard.

Prichard said: "We're very excited to be involved with such a dynamic

bunch of people. MRM is a well-kept secret and it's our job to make sure

everyone knows what it is capable of creatively."