MT Rainey and Joe Marchese to sit on new Clear Channel board

Board announced as outdoor company separates from iHeartMedia.

Clear Channel: Rainey
Clear Channel: Rainey

MT Rainey, co-founder of Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe, and Joe Marchese, president for ad revenue at Fox, are among the new board members at Clear Channel as the outdoor company prepares to separate from iHeartMedia this year.

William Eccleshare, who has been named chief executive of Clear Channel, will also sit on the board. Private investor and former Crown Castle chief executive Ben Moreland is announced as chairman of the board.

The board of directors will take their place once iHeartMedia has completed a restructure of the business. Until then, the current board of directors will remain in place. Bob Pittman and Rich Bressler, chief executive and chief financial officer at iHeartMedia respectively, will remain in their posts until the separation is completed.

Pittman said: "The quality of [Clear Channel’s] new board is further validation of the strength of its business. Its members have broad and global expertise across advertising and media businesses, telecom, technology, strategy and planning, and financial service – and are leaders who will provide the kind of knowledge and experience critical to positioning [Clear Channel] for future growth and success."