Muller keeps young couple for Publicis' latest Mullerlight ad

Muller, the yogurt manufacturer, is launching a sequel to its TV ad featuring a young couple who find that a tub of Mullerlight thwarts their passionate encounter.

The 30-second spot, produced by Publicis and dubbed "747", continues the story of the pair, who were first seen plotting to join the Mile High Club. Now the company is bringing them back after what it says was its best-ever sales week in the wake of the first ad burst.

It claims to have sold more than nine million pots since, propelling Mullerlight to its highest-ever market share with 15.9 per cent.

Ken Wood, the managing director of Muller, said: "The consumer response to '747' compelled us to do a sequel."

Media for the new campaign is through ZenithOptimedia. It was directed by Paul Weiland and targets women aged between 20 and 45 years old.

The commercial was written by Paul Campion and art directed by Tony Smith.

Paul Weiland is represented through The Paul Weiland Film Company.