Multi-sensory events are more memorable, report finds

A survey by London & Partners and CWT Meetings & Events has found that 78% of event professionals believe events that appeal to multiple senses deliver more memorable and creative experiences.

The industry believes multi-sensory events deliver more memorable experiences
The industry believes multi-sensory events deliver more memorable experiences

The findings, which represent the views of approximately 600 event organisers, revealed that a mere 27% of respondents feel the five senses of sight, sound, taste, smell and touch are being used effectively at events. Additionally, 42% of people stated sensory activations can help events to stand out from others.

Forty-two per cent of event professionals noted that they have used light activations such as projections and visual illusions at their events, meanwhile a third have incorporated unique culinary experiences to stimulate the senses of taste and sight.

While the findings highlight that multi-sensory experiences are the way of the future for events, 23% of event planners stated they feel pressured to provide such experiences, with 57% revealing that they would be happy to continue producing events in line with the status quo. 

Forty-three per cent of people noted that budget is limiting their ability to deliver sensory-led experiences; meanwhile 26% stated that they lack the time. Of those surveyed, 24% explained they find it difficult to find sensory content that is suitable for their clients or events.  

Tracy Halliwell, director of business tourism and major events at London & Partners, said: "It’s clear that the industry can do more to fully embrace sensory experiences in order to deliver unforgettable experiences for event goers. In a world full of distractions the events world needs to be more creative in its approach and not stick with the status quo because it is easier to achieve.

"Our senses are the cornerstone of our experiences and by producing experiential and traditional events that incorporate sight, sound, smell, taste and touch effectively, the messages conveyed to delegates at events, conferences, meetings and tradeshows will become much more memorable and impactful."

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