Music campaign asks "What is our worth?"

And the public takes it seriously. It's the perfect remedy for an election hangover.

Music campaign asks "What is our worth?"

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Sauza 901: Timberlake’s acting is genuine and entertaining

Most read: Justin Timberlake's Sauza 901 viral ad is pure comedy genius

Social video experts Be On are full of praise for JT's performance in this viral for his tequila brand, and judging by the number who clicked (and stayed), Brand Republic readers enjoyed it too. Take a look and decide for yourself. 

Read more on the Sauza 901 viral video, which Be On calls "a great example of brand and celebrity working together to create engaging content that goes beyond what’s expected."

Decca Records Currency of Man billboard

Tough questions: What is our worth?

If you were cheering for one of the losing teams in yesterday's election, you may have soured on some of your fellow citizens. But here's a sweet campaign by Decca Records to restore your faith in humanity.

To promote Melody Gardot's 'Currency of Man' album, two billboards were put up in Kensington and Loughborough Junction in London, with space for the public to respond to the questions "What is our worth? And how to we define it?" Questions that informed the writing of the album.

As cynical journalists we'd expect the great British public to take great joy in defacing the billboards, but as the release notes: "Interestingly, and perhaps surprisingly, entries have been predominantly sincere."

Some of these responses are on a 'Currency of Man' website, and there's the option for visitors to add their own answers, too.

Patrice Harvey: the client development manager at Google's DoubleClick

Ad tech: Brand marketers need to get with the programmatic, says Google

Campaign spoke with Patrice Harvey, client development manager at Google's DoubleClick about programmatic, and over three videos Harvey addresses brand marketers, grads and creative agencies.

In the first video of the series, Harvey explains that the cost benefits and ability to target audiences means brand marketers are beginning to embrace programmatic, and spotlights a recent launch campaign by Nestlé which employed programmatic ads to amplify a YouTube video.

Lionel Messi in Samsung's video

Virtual reality: Samsung, the Avengers and Messi team up

Earlier this week, Oculus Rift announced it would hit shelves in 2016. But one VR headset is already on the market, the Samsung Gear VR, a partnership with Oculus Rift.

As a sponsor of Avengers: Age of Ultron, Samsung has released a video featuring star athletes using the VR headsets to transform themselves into comic book heroes. There's also an Avengers Experience app which can be downloaded to be used in the headset.

Watch the "We are greater than I" campaign videos or head over to YouTube to see what the app experience is like.

Save The Children Den Day

Lessons: What marketers can learn from Kim Kardashian

While she may be a figure of fun to some, Kim K has built a wildly successful brand and a net worth of $68m. BBH strategist Kate Nettleton, writing in Marketing, has broken down seven things marketers can learn from the person who is no longer famous for being famous.

  1. You don’t need your product to be different
  2. Your popularity is in the hands of the people
  3. Be transparent
  4. Have a thick skin
  5. Pick your partners well
  6. Be more egotistical
  7. Be selective.

Intrigued? Then read What marketers can learn from Kim Kardashian.


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