MUSIC VIDEOS 28: Radiohead - Knives Out

In 'Knives Out', Michel Gondry interprets Thom Yorke's ambiguous lyric as a nightmarish pantomime of hospitalisation and illness. Like much of Gondry's work, the detail is immense and the whole thing is filmed in a continuous, cunningly choreographed shot. Amazingly, almost everything was shot in-camera. Yorke and the actress ducked through trapdoors in the intricate set to appear on the television. The train window background was a video image fed from a camera on top of the model train. The cameraman swung around on a bungee rope to capture the madness.

Record Company: Parlophone

Commissioner: Dilly Gent

Production company: Partizan

7 Westbourne Grove Mews

W11 2UR London, UK

t: +44 20 7792 8483

f: +44 20 7792 8870


Director: Michel Gondry

Producer: Dan Dickenson

Director of Photography: Jean-Louis Bompoint

Art Director: Pierre Pell

Post-production company: Twisted Laboratories


Flame Artist: Olivier Gondry