MUSIC VIDEOS 30: Midfield General - Midfielding

'Sweet', on Campaign Screen Issue 18, was one of the most popular short films we have shown. Here, its lead actor, Noel Fielding, delivers an equally bizarre performance in the form of a crazed, mammal-baiting monologue. Fielding's stream-of-consciousness narrative is cleverly illustrated by freelance animator Ste McGregor, whose line figures simply and cleverly illustrate the madness. We particularly liked the giant shrew lined with Kit Kat wrappers and the old Russian lady with her hand caught in a loom.

Record Company: Skint

Commissioner: Damian Harris

Production company: Ste McGregor

11 Jew Street

Brighton BN1 1UT


t: +44 1273 241 421


Director: Ste McGregor