MUSIC VIDEOS 33: Beta Band - Broke

Gill has created a surreal and strangely beautiful promo for the Beta Band, featuring a 'watermelon guru'. The ethereal figure tries to teach her followers the way of the watermelon, encouraging them to make it glide, rotate and float through space. But unable to control their thoughts, the band are struck or confused by the strange fruit. The captivating piece was lit by Ivan Bird, the cinematographer behind 'Sexy Beast', while the watermelons were filmed against blue screen and added in by post-house Red.

Record Company: Parlophone

Commissioner: Faith Holmes

Production company: Academy Commercials

18 Smith's Court

Great Windmill St

London W1V 7PF, UK

t: +44 20 7395 4155


Director: Ed Gill

Producer: Laura Kaufman

Director of Photography: Ivan Bird

Art Directors: Patrick Lyndon Stafford, Adam Zoltowski

Post-production company: Red Post Production

Hammersley House

5-8 Warwick St

London W1R 6JD, UK

t: +44 20 7439 1449

f: +44 20 7439 1339


Editor: Mark Edinoff; Sam Sneade