MUSIC VIDEOS 34: Armand van Helden - Why Can't ...

Director Howard Shur was inspired by memories of magicians and hypnotists performing to techno soundtracks in a low-rent LA club. "Doctor Amazing" - apparently a qualified family practitioner - hypnotised five people and then encouraged them to embody the music in different ways before an audience and the cameras. An original idea for a promo which has produced hilarious results. (Note the break-dancing accountant on the right).

Record Company: WEA London

Commissioners: Lindsay Reed, Juliet Sensicle

Production company: Propaganda Films

940 N. Mansfield Ave

Hollywood CA 90038


T: +1 323 993 2020

F: +1 323 802 7150


Director: Howard Shur

Producer: Youree Henley

Director of Photography: Bobby Bukowski

Post-production company: 525 Post

6424 Santa Monica Blvd

Hollywood CA 90038


T: +1 213 525 1234

F: +1 213 467 1589

Editor: Howard Shur

Flame Artist: Rich Lieu