MUSIC VIDEOS 34: Mint Royale - Blue Song

Dirty Harry gave Godman director Wright the idea for this video: What does the getaway driver do in the three minutes during a bank robbery? If it's comic Noel Fielding, then it's to bop around idiotically in the driver's seat to Mint Royale's Blue Song. Fielding is hilarious as a dance-obsessed, childlike buffoon showing us his moves - meticulously choreographed. Wright directed the sitcom Spaced, and two cast members cameo here along with two band members from Mint Royale.

Record company: Illustrious

Commissioner: John Hassay

Production company: Godman

82 Wardour St

London W1V 3LF


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Director: Edgar Wright

Producer: Dawn Caren

Director of Photography: Denis Crossan

Art Director: Marcus Rowland

Post-production company: The Mill

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Editor: Dave Webb @ Final Cut

Sound Design: Wave