MUSIC VIDEOS 35: Gorillaz - Rock da House

Pete Candeland and Jamie Hewlett's Gorillaz videos have turned a fabricated side-project of Blur's Damon Albarn and friends into a genuine cultural phenomenon. Rock da House is their latest, and cranks up the animation technology a notch or two over the largely 2D earlier work. Passion Pictures' 3D team were brought in to do their first character work in a Gorillaz promo - the inflatable ape cheerleaders. Candeland wanted a model for Murdoc's groin-thrusting dance moves and finally runner Ben Davis (after a few drinks) volunteered - roll over Michael Jackson.

Record Company: EMI/Parlophopne

Commissioner: Terry Felgate

Production companies: Passion Pictures

25-27 Riding House Street

London W1P 7PB, UK

T: +44 20 7323 9933

F: +44 20 7323 9030


Director: Pete Candeland

Producer: Hugo Sands


Unit 103

Bustpace Studios

Conlon Street

London W10 5AP, UK

T: +44 20 8962 0241

F: +44 20 8962 0153

Director: Jamie Hewlett

Post-production company: Passion Pictures

Animations: Nicola Perkis, Barney Russell

CGIs: Stuart Hall, Wesley Coman, Geoffrey Suttor, Mark Wilson, Grant

Hewlett, Chris Hemming, Phil Dale, John Still, Andrew Bradbury