MUSIC VIDEOS 35: Stereo - MC's We Belong In This World

This eccentric music video depicts members of the band metamorphosing into avocado- and melon-headed people. The animation was achieved by piecing the scenes together in After Effects via Photoshop, and effort has clearly gone into creating equally diverse and transforming characters in the background. The video moves from an urban background to rural open space, but Run Wrake's distinguished combination of live action, photomontage and drawn animation remains paramount throughout.

Record Company: Universal Island Records

Commissioner: Liz Kessler

Production company: Bermuda Shorts

1 Lower John St

London W1F 9DT, UK

t: +44 20 7437 7335

f: +44 20 7437 7334

Director: Run Wrake

Producer: Steve Elliot

Post-production company: Offline Editing Ltd

12 Poland Street

London W1, UK

t: +44 20 7439 3321

f: +44 20 7439 3341

Editor: Cliff Homow