MUSIC VIDEOS 36: Faithless - Muhammed Ali

Shot on original '70s 16mm stock, 'Muhammad Ali' is a pristine evocation of a time, a place and a culture - a 1970s Harlem ghetto. James Brown's promo has the flavour of a feature film, cross-cutting between rapper Maxi Jazz watching the fight, scenes of jubilation after Ali's triumph and a small boy who idolises the boxer learning to stand up to his enemies. It's a triumph of authenticity, with beautifully integrated costume, set design, shot choreography and editing.

Record Company: BMG

Commissioner: Mike O'Keefe

Production company: Science

57 Great Portland St

London W1W 7LH, UK

t: +44 20 7636 7637

f: +44 20 7636 7647


Director: James Brown

Producer: Sarah Martin

Director of Photography: Greg Copeland

Post-production company: Rushes

66 Old Compton St

London W1V 4PA, UK

t: +44 20 7437 8676

f: +44 20 7734 3002


Editor: Mark Aarons; TVC

Fire Artists: Paul Wratten, Derek Moore